Friday, July 20, 2007

Metro Traffic

Metro Manila, Phillipines

Everyday the traffic is horrendous!!! Here particularly in Metro Manila, specifically Edsa (main highway of Metro Manila) , its always traffic. Any day, any hour of the day well except in the early hours of the morning. Those buses, the king of the road they say in Edsa, drives like crazy, picking passengers up and doesn't care if their causing traffic. We should ban buses, especially those crazy drivers. There are a lot of them plying the highway swerving left and right getting passengers, and the Metro Manila Development Authority or MMDA enforcers are inefficient. The highway is not that big and a lot of uneven roads and potholes. So where does the budget of the Department of Public Works and Highway goes or DPWH goes? Well anyway that's a different topic. So if you have an appointment, you better leave 3 or 4 hours before so you wont be late.That goes also in the weekends. I think its better if we have a train in Edsa like in San Francisco. Maybe life will be easier to all of us.